PFMP presents results of three-year support to Department of Education; turns over Financial Management Manual

PFMP Team Leader and DFAT Counsellor Daniel Featherston (2nd from left) presented
the Financial Management Manual to DepEd Secretary Br. Armin Luistro (center).
Also joining the handover were PFMP Program Delivery Adviser Gary Ellem (far left),
and DepEd Undersecretary Reynaldo Laguda (2nd from right) and OIC-Assistant Secretary Armando Ruiz (far right).

06 November 2015

PASIG CITY— The Philippines-Australia Public Financial Management Program (PFMP) recently presented the results of its three year support to the Department of Education (DepED) as a formal conclusion to the project called “Strengthening the Financial Management Systems in DepED.” PFMP Team Leader and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Counsellor Daniel Featherston led the presentation, with DepED Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro in attendance.

Started in 2012, the DepED component of the PFMP is a critical activity for taking Public Financial Management (PFM) Reform activities out to the spending agencies.  DepED was chosen as a priority because it is the largest agency representing more than 25 percent of the budget allocation for all spending agencies combined.

The project, which spanned three phases, aimed to support the Department in the procurement and implementation of a DepED-specific Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), prior to the Department of Budget and Management’s (DBM) conceptual design for a government-wide financial system, the GIFMIS (Government Integrated Financial Management Information System).

The Department expressed its gratitude to PFMP and DFAT for their support, and recognized the work done over the last three phases.  “We know that DFAT is now exposed to the limitations of a bureaucracy and other challenges outside of our control, but now, we are making the first of many steps towards a long journey to put the policies in place to make DepED more efficient,” Sec. Luistro said.

DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro acknowledged PFMP’s technical assistance
for improving DepEd’s financial management systems.

Phase I of the project was completed in June 2012, and led to a functional review of DepED and the conceptualization of the agency’s FMIS Strategic Design. Phase II commenced in May 2013 and ran through to May 2014. This phase was marked by the following outputs: training of some 4,800 financial officers in the Central Office (CO) and Regional Offices (ROs); reconciliation of DepEd’s nearly 8,000 bank accounts; GIFMIS mapping and preparation of a change management plan; and delivery of an ICT Asset Inventory.

Phase III, which commenced in July 2014 and ended on September 2015, was originally focused on assisting DepED in the implementation of GIFMIS. When GIFMIS did not proceed as planned, various options were analysed with a view to designing PFM support activities in an environment without the GIFMIS. One of the outputs of Phase III included the development of a Financial Management Manual (FMM).

Formal hand over of Financial Management Manual

PFMP developed the Financial Management Manual as a guide to strengthen financial management transparency and accountability throughout DepED. It outlines the systems and processes of the Department, clearly identifying internal controls and other financial management practices to be applied throughout DepED, thereby ensuring the integrity and completeness of financial data and information provided to stakeholders.

Some 300 copies of the manual will be distributed at the Central Office and the various Regional Offices around the country. On hand to receive the manuals aside from Sec. Luistro were DepED Undersecretary for Finance and Administration Reynaldo Laguda and OIC-Assistant Secretary for Finance and Administration Armando Ruiz.


DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro received copies of the Financial Management Manual (FMM)
from PFMP Team Leader and DFAT Counsellor Daniel Featherston during the handover ceremony
held at the DepEd Office in Pasig City. Developed by PFMP, the FMM serves as a guide
for strengthening financial management transparency and accountability throughout DepEd. 
DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro reads a copy of the FMM. 
About 300 copies of the FMM will be distributed to DepEd’s Central Office and Regional Offices around the country. 


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