PFMP in 2013

The highlights of 2013 were:

The Government adopted the Unified Account Code Structure (UACS) for the preparation of the 2014 budget; agencies will execute and report on the budget in 2014. This was a significant milestone and, with correct implementation during 2014, will allow the Government to report clearly on expenditure against budget for the first time.

After the design of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) was completed in early 2013, the remainder of the year focused on setting up the systems and processes required to begin implementation, scheduled for January 2014. This is will be a significant milestone for GOP.

GIFMIS tender specifications were finalised following final validation exercises with Government agencies. The tender process is delayed by about six months, but the approach has remained consistent with the requirements set out in the conceptual design adopted at the beginning of 2013. A shortlist of potential vendors is likely to be identified early in 2014.

During 2013, the Government developed the first “performance informed budget” that incorporated performance (output) information into the budget. This was the first step in moving toward more results-oriented budgeting and management systems.

PFMP provided technical advice and operational support with all of the above areas of progress.

In support to spending agencies, Australia concluded eight years of support to financial management at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). A PFMP study into this work[1] suggested that the activity enabled the Department to produce more reliable financial information, and demonstrated how financial information can be used to help improve decisions about service delivery.

The Program continues to work closely and effectively with its Government partners.

The Program Steering Committeeat its third meeting held on 3 December 2012, approved the Annual Action Plan for 2013. The purpose of this Annual Action Plan is to outline the program priorities and activities to be funded, and is the principal planning instrument for the program. Fourteen activities were approved, as summarized below.

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Read more about our results and progress towards achieving program outcomes in 2013 here.*

*(Link to downloadable copy of PFMP Draft Annual Program Accomplishment Report: 2013)

[1] Text will be linked to a downloadable copy of the case study.


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